Quality System

Quality is the guarantee of GUOGUANG's life and a powerful weapon that wins social trust and support for it.The production and special service of GUOGUANG are all in strict accordance with the international standards and up to the quality management system which is under continuous adjustment always based on the requirement and need of the clients.

Quality Principle:

Create Reliable Products Based on Leading Science,

Achieve Customer Satisfaction with Quality Assurance.

Notion for Marketing:

Your Satisfaction is our Pursuit, Your Support is our Success.



Technology And Equipment

◆The omported Random Vibration Experiment Bench, Spectrum Analyzer, Three-dimensional COMERO, Vector Network Analyzer, ect. turned a new leaf of the resarch and production of the military products.

◆The introduction of Helium-neon Spectrograph Vacuum Leak Hunter, Vacuum Welding and Annealer, Argon-arc welter, Digital Working Center, CNC Lathe, Mirror Linear, ect. provided powerful support for the successful manufacturing of special vacuum equipments.

◆The company's introduction of the EVS Low-pressure Contactor Production lines from Germany played an important role in research and production of all kinds of vacuum contactors and vacuum switch tubes in China.

u2d3Spinner vertical machining center imported from Germany
phuySwiss Charles precision CNC EDM machine tool
vf7fHardinge lathe imported from the United States
kyqhWire cutting equipment imported from Switzerland
h45eVacuum annealing furnace